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Twice Bitten Audiobooks In Production

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've made an update here. My apologies. It's been a BAD year.

In good news, however, the Suck It Sister audiobook is in production. I can't give a firm release date due to how long the review process takes after uploading it for sale, but I think SIS will be out in about a month or so.

Love Potion #666 goes into audiobook production the beginning of 2022.

As for Twice Bitten Book #5, that is Peace, Love, and Fangs. I am still writing that one. As I stated before, it's been a BAD year. Health-wise, personally, financially, you name it. It's been bad, but I am working on the book as often as physically and mentally possible and it WILL be out this year. (Nobody wants this book done more than me!!!) Once it's finished it'll go through edits then be uploaded immediately. The audiobook will be out for that one in 2022 as well.

After that one the audiobooks should get closer to the actual book release dates. It took me a while to find my "Danni" for the audiobooks and there's some catching up to do there. Eventually, the ebooks and audiobooks will get in sync.

Thanks for hanging in there guys. 2021 hasn't been that great production-wise, but boy oh boy do I have plans for 2022... :)

~ Rain


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