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Beginning with Twice Bitten #2: Vampire Girl Problems, there are some crossovers between my paranormal romance/urban fantasy series.  I will write each series so that you can read one series at a time if you choose and not get lost. However, if you would like to read the crossover books in the correct chronological order, make sure you are reading by publication date, or just look here:

*Moonlit Majesty (Moonlit #4) explains the creation of Imortian shifters which Daniel references in the Twice Bitten series)

**The first crossover occurs in Twice Bitten #2: Vampire Girl Problems, followed by:

Twice Bitten #3 Suck It, Sister!

Blood Rev #5  Vampire's Halo

Twice Bitten #4 Love Potion #666

Twice Bitten #5 Peace, Love, And Fangs

Blood Revelation #6 Immortal Rage

Twice Bitten #6 Merry Fangin' Christmas 

Twice Bitten #7 Auld Fang Syne

(This crossover list will be updated as crossovers occur)

*Hellacious features crossover characters from the Twice Bitten series, but can be read at any point as nothing happens to affect the timeline.

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