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To celebrate the release of Vampire Girl Problems, the first book in the Twice Bitten series, Life Sucks After You Die... is FREE! Grab it while this promo lasts!


When I was younger I thought being a vampire could be kind of fun. You stay young forever, live in a castle, and play by your own rules. Then I was turned into one and while the eternally young part is true, there's no castle. We can't talk about our age, we can't tell anyone what we are, and if you have an overprotective sire like mine you can't even have a job or go shopping without a babysitter. I know it's for my own good and all since bad guys are always trying to kill me, the sun burns like hell, I still can't eat human food without becoming gravely ill, and I'm not exactly your run-of-the-mill vampire but a hybrid with all kinds of extra issues, but still ... Is it too much to

VAMPIRE GIRL PROBLEMS out this month!!!

I've been slow with updates because I've been writing Vampire Girl Problems (OK, and I've read Stephanie Plum Books 1-23 TWICE EACH during this time too but seriously, I've been writing A LOT) aaaaaaaand it's finally done! OK, so it only took me like 4 months from start to finish to write it which may not seem long to many, but I'd expected to finish it in two because I had the whole thing pretty mapped out and it was going to be about 70-80K words like the first one... but it took on a life of its own and that sucker weighs in at 105,607 words, making it the longest book I've written since Little White Lies! This book was a lot of fun to write. It made me laugh so much. I've introduced new

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