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Hello, all. Rather than create a whole new website for this one series just because I'm publishing it as "C. Love" instead of my full name, I'm giving it a page here. 
The Elvis Purrsley Mysteries series is a cozy mystery series featuring no bad language, steamy scenes, or on-page violence. 
Very clean, very family-friendly, and a lot of fun, especially if you're a fan of music and movie stars from the 50's and 60's. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this series will wish they had a "Yesteryear" to visit. I sure do. 
The series is launching with ELVIS PURRSLEY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING in November 2023 and will continue with new books in 2024.
Stay tuned for more information to follow! 

Welcome to Yesteryear, the small tourist town where every day is still 1950 or 1960-something. Poodle skirts are in, the sounds of Elvis Presley and The Supremes fill the air, everyone is kind, and bad things never happen... or at least that's what the brochure says.


ELVIS PURRSLEY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING (Elvis Purrsley Mysteries, Book One)


I wasn't looking for trouble when I returned to Yesteryear for my great-aunt's funeral, but I certainly came to the right place.

My first surprise was that I'd inherited Aunt Della's beloved cat, Elvis Purrsley.

My second surprise was that she left Yesteryear to the cat... but only if her murder is solved within thirty days, which brings me to the third surprise: Aunt Della was murdered, or at least that's what she claimed in the video she left behind.

Most of the family thinks Della was crazy to believe the psychic who foretold her death, not to mention leaving the town she founded and most of her estate to a cat and threatening to sell off the town if her murderer wasn't caught before the month was out, but then someone tried to kill again...

If no one else is going to take the case seriously, it's up to me and Elvis Purrsley to find the murderer and save the town.


FRIED PEANUT BUTTER AND BANANA FELONY (Elvis Purrsley Mysteries, Book Two)


Now that my great-aunt’s murder has been solved and her murderer put behind bars, everything is going great in Yesteryear.

I’m still adjusting to running this entire town, but I have a great boyfriend and an adorable cat who is only mildly driving me crazy trying to get me to agree to this wacky idea of his that we could be detectives. But other than that, everything is fine, and the annual Elvisfest is going off without a hitch.

Wait. What’s that? The ten-time champion of the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich eating contest just went facedown into a plate piled high with Elvis’s favorite fried treat and can’t be resuscitated?

It looks like there’s another case for me and Elvis Purrsley after all. 

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