What do you get when you mix an incubus bite with a vampire bite?
A shitastrophe.

All Danni Keller wanted to do was go to a bar and drown her sorrows in some alcohol, but she managed to get attacked by an incubus. Now she's being guarded by a hunky but oh so irritating vampire (who bit her too) while the incubus stalks her.

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Before she was the baddest vampire-witch to ever walk the dark streets of America, she was a young Spanish servant in Rome, unaware of her own power.
Seduced by Count Roberto Garibaldi and having been promised to wed, Seta gives birth to his son only to find out too late that she had been used to produce the heir his barren wife could not.
The count steals the child out of her arms, beats her, and throws her off the cliff just beyond his castle, but Seta’s fall does not lead to death.
A guardian has been sent to save her by giving her a second life, a life hidden in shadow where she can not be with her only child.
Seta must suffer the estrangement from her son until he is old enough to be reunited with her and revenge can be taken upon those who stole him, and she must wrestle with the attraction she has to her sire, a vampire who gave her a new life, but could just as easily take it away.

The Blood Revelation Prophecy: Vampires, witches, and shifters will band together to stop the darkness from winning, until one warrior is born to save the world from Satan's wrath.

Interracial Paranormal Shifter Romance (This series' heat level ranges from mild to HOT)



Beginning with Twice Bitten #2: Vampire Girl Problems, there are some crossover characters between the Moonlit, Blood Revelation, and Twice Bitten series.  I will write each series so that you can read one series at a time if you choose and not get lost. However, if you would like to read the crossover books in the correct chronological order, make sure you are reading by publication date, or just look here:

The first crossover occurs in Twice Bitten #2: Vampire Girl Problems, followed by:

Twice Bitten #3 Suck It, Sister!

Blood Rev #5  Vampire's Halo

Twice Bitten #4 Love Potion #666

(This crossover list will be updated as crossovers occur)

An authorized non-canon side series set in the world of J.R. Rain's Samantha Moon, Vampire For Hire.


Rough and tumble cowboys, and the feisty heroines who show them who's boss.