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TITLE REVEALS (and cover reveals coming soon) !

I've been sitting on these covers for so long and can't wait to show them off. Until then... TITLE REVEALS and sneak peeks!

Don't kill me when you realize Twice Bitten #6 is holiday-themed and do the math. I'd planned on having it done and released by THIS Christmas but we all know how things went. I'm not even starting to write on it until Monday and I want Blood Revelation Book #6 released prior to it so... it will be a long pre-order.

There is a method to my madness though. When I feel pressured to write and release faster because I know you guys want the next book (and I love you for that!!!)... I write slower. My brain cells just all shut down. Then I get all anxious and FORCE myself to write faster by setting up preorders for like 2 months out and by the time I rush something out my stomach is a mess and my head wants to split open from migraines.

So I'm allowing myself time to write the Twice Bitten books and set up pre-orders so everything is in place and being asked "When is the next book coming out?" doesn't send me into such a panic (because I'll already have the preorder in place!) which eventually just shuts me down. I'm a bit weird, I know. Anxiety is a pain. Often literally.

So these 2 books will be will be set up as preorders to release near the end of 2022 BUT this means I will have time (knock on wood) to write and release one or two other books in new series I've been wanting to get started on but haven't because once I finish a Twice Bitten book everyone's ready for the next one. I love the enthusiasm but I want to get a few new things started (I've been sitting on such gorgeous cover art and fun storylines) and honestly, I need a bit of a break between Twice Bitten/Blood Revelation books. It's hard to finish one and jump right in to the next one.

SO... to sum up:

These two series continuations in late 2022.

Possible one or two new series firsts releasing earlier.

(I will also be relaunching my contemporary Small Town Romance series under the pen name Shylyn Ray in 2022).

Aiming for Twice Bitten #7 to release 6 months after Book #6 and then every 6 months thereafter if my theory that preorders will help my anxiety and stress levels turns out right and I can stick to a schedule with them while rolling out other books in-between.


Hey, hopefully 2022 is the year I can finally "retire" to write fulltime and then I'll be cranking out books like it's nothing. Dang day job is rough on release schedules.


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