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Signed Bookplates Now Available

I've been getting some requests for signed bookplates or books so... I had bookplates made!

I don't keep print books on hand and honestly, keeping stock and then signing and dealing with the shipping costs, etc., is a struggle but no worries! You can get one of these cute new bookplates, signed by yours truly, to stick in your print book and voila! Instant signed copy!

To get a signed bookplate, simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope (for US, this would be a Forever stamp. For International, please check with your post service) to:

Crystal-Rain Love

ATTN: Bookplate, please

PO BOX 197431

Louisville KY 40259-7431

Disclaimer: I generally only go to the post office about once a month so please allow 4-6 weeks and if not received by then, send me a message via the contact form or at Twitter @crystalrainlove


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