Seta's Fall Official Release Date 4/24/2017

Preorder is up at Smashwords. Has been uploaded to Amazon and everywhere else! Official Release Date: 4/24/2017 If you are a newsletter subscriber, check your email for your free Advanced Reading Copy!

Seta's Fall is DONE!

I am very happy to announce I finished writing Seta's Fall today. I was determined to get it done no matter what so I sat myself down at the computer shortly after I woke up and did not get up until the final three chapters were complete. I had planned this to be a novella of no more than 20,000 words. It ended up coming in at a little over 35,000 and took a turn I never expected. As always with this particular series, the characters tend to tell me the story and I learn new things about them with every book I write in it. The manuscript has been sent to my beta reader and once I get it back and fix any issues it will be uploaded. Once that happens, everyone who joined my newsletter during o


Seta's Fall is still in progress. As always with anything in the Blood Revelation series, these characters love to take over the show and just steal all my power and authority. :) This was supposed to be a very simple novella. I mean, it's a prequel, and I know Seta's backstory so you'd think I'd just knock it out in a few hours of writing. Nope. I don't write the Blood Revelation series. The characters do and they always surprise me with something out of the blue. This prequel is no different. It turns out Seta spent some time with the Navajo people so today I found myself researching Navajo names, dress, homes, etc. and I came across this video. Really interesting and I love listening to

No Fool For Romance This Year

Hey all! There will be no Fool For Romance event this year. This has always been a major event to handle, keeping track of all the authors involved, making sure they're all doing their thang and that winners get their stuff. I am determined to get new material out so I won't have the time to get this all together. Hopefully by the end of the year I can throw something together!

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