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Introducing.... the BLOOD REVELATION PROPHECY series.

As announced earlier on my Facebook page and in my newsletter, I have come to the decision to take the Blood Revelation prequel, Seta's Fall, and books 3-6 of the series and separate them, creating a new series.

So now BLOOD CURSE and SLAYER'S PREY are the official "Blood Revelation" series. These books are traditionally published and for years my hands have been tied as far as pricing and KIndle Unlimited inclusion because a traditional publisher owns the rights to the first two books. Don't even get me started on the hassle involved in getting Amazon to add my indie-pubbed titles to that series page. Ugh.

But now, SETA'S FALL, WITCH'S NET, SIREN'S SNARE, VAMPIRE'S HALO, and IMMORTAL RAGE (as well as all future books in the series) are part of the "Blood Revelation Prophecy" series. These books were always written so a reader could start at any point, but reader stend to always want to start at the beginning of a series. However, most of my reader sread through Kindle Unlimited and this series was not in KU because Amazon doesn't allow books in Kindle Unlimited to be sold at other retailers and the publisher of the first two publishes to all retailers.

Now these books are in Kindle Unlimited. I am aware there are a few readers who prefer the other retailers but the keyword here is FEW. I've never sold many of these books outside Amaon and I've taken a loss on this series over the years so I made the decision to rebrand as a new series so that they could be included in Kindle Unlimited wher ethe majority of my readers have always been.

So if you're a fan of the Twice Bitten series and you've wanted to know more about Seta, Malaika, Christian, Jake, and others who have wandered into the Twice Bitten series (or check out what the Twice Bitten characters have done when they've wandered into the Blood Revelation series) be sure to check these out!

The series crossover reading order is on my books page if you need help with the timeline.


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