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Peace,Love and Fangs Pre-order is LIVE!

Man, I have never had folks ask so much about a book! Not complaining. Not complaining at all. Loving the enthusiasm! I decided to go ahead and set up a preorder for December 31,2021 but with that said, I expect to have this book done sooner. The later date is just a precaution because this hasn't been the best year so I'm playing it safe. Amazon will let me bump the date up earlier so let's say this is the "latest date." I just wanted to set it up so those who want to go ahead and preorder to make sure they get it as soon as it's available can, and so I can show off what I personally think is the most gorgeous cover of the series. Created by the amazing Manuela Serra. I've had this cover art for over a year now and I've been dying to show it off. I love it!



Something foul is in the air...

... and it's not those steaming gifts Kutya keeps leaving.

Eliza is missing, a pesky detective won't quit following Danni, the witch helping Selander Ryan won't talk, things between Daniel and Danni are awkward ... then downright dangerous as Rider picks up on unspoken feelings between the two.

Before things boil over, Rider gets called away to help an old friend. Deeming The Midnight Rider as unsafe without him there, Danni and her guardians are sent to Pigeon Forge to relax at The Cloud Top, but that only lasts about two seconds before a festival of love turns into a festival of frights and Danni finds herself up to her fangs in trouble.


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