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New Release Date : Auld Fang Syne

Well, I had it all planned out so well. I set up the preorder for Auld Fang Syne for one year out once I finished Merry Fangin' Christmas, which was written in 26 days last November. However, I had other books on preorder before it and some of them took longer than expected. I still had all of November to write AFS and the plan was to do the same thing this year that I did last November. I even took the first week off from the day job so I'd have a full week to get a huge jumpstart on it.

Then I ended up in the emergency room on October 30th and couldn't write at all for over two weeks. I couldn't do anything. I was on short term disability, unable to go to work at my day job and I couldn't even use that time off to work on the book because even if I could sit up for any length of time (which I couldn't) there was just too much pain, nausea and lethargy to even think.

I'm still having some issues, but I'm able to work and I've been working on Auld Fang Syne in my off hours. Unfortunately, I'm not writing as fast as I was last November and I lost a huge chunk of time so there's no way AFS will be done by the original December 17th release date. I have to push it back to January.

I'm sorry. This is the first year since writing Life Sucks After You Die that I will not be releasing a Twice Bitten book and it feels horrible, even if it'll be coming out just one month later. Merry Fangin' Christmas was supposed to release THIS month but I finished it last year and didn't want everyone to have to wait so I released it right out of editing and decided Book #7 would be the 2022 release. I wanted so badly to get this book out before this Christmas but I had no idea I was going to be hit with a medical emergency out of nowhere. Doctors haven't even been able to tell me why this all happened. I just hope it doesn't again because it was horrible, I still have issues stemming from it, and it has affected EVERYTHING.

But I'm trying my hardest to get this book finished so you will definitely have a new Twice Bitten story to read this January. I will not be doing any more preorders prior to a book being written. Hellacious is already set for a June 2023 preorder, but it is the last one. From now on, I'm not setting up any preorders before a book is at least 3/4 written. I ask you to have patience with me on announcing release dates in the future. The only reason I started doing preorders was because I was getting asked for release dates so often and I thought it would be better if I set out 1-year preorders so everyone would know when the next book would be out, thinking I'd definitely have time to write the books, but it has been a ton of pressure and when setbacks happen, it is completely overwhelming.

I don't use ghostwriters, and I don't cut corners. All my books are written by me alone. Every word. I also work 40-55 hours a week at my day job. I try every year to write faster and release more, but it's difficult. I am just one person with a fulltime day job sucking up a lot of my hours. At least 95% of the "vacation" time I take each year is used to write from morning til night in order to get more books out. Please have patience, especially now that I won't be doing preorders.

The best way to know when a new book is coming out is to subscribe to my newsletter. The 2nd best way is to follow me on Bookbub, Amazon, or Facebook.

Again, I'm sorry for having to push this release back. I've never had to push back a preorder date before, but this medical issue came out of nowhere and just steamrolled me. Lesson learned. Thank you for understanding. Back to work I go!


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