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Official job working security? Check.

Dragon sidekick along to keep her out of real danger? Check.

Mythological monsters let loose on the town? Oh, crud.

It's been rough adapting to her new lifestyle, but Danni's gotten used to the fangs and venom, and found strength within to overpower her worst enemy: her own self-doubt.

Now she's on her first official job as a member of Rider's security firm.

Assigned as security at Gruff's Bar and Grille in Moonlight, West Virginia, Danni is bored to tears until a man stumbles in, missing a few important body parts.

The overprotective Rider wants to take her off the case, but she's determined to prove she can handle the job and convince her stubborn sire she's tougher than he gives her credit for.

She's taken on shifters and gangbangers, and earned the moniker of Danni the Teste Slayer. Surely she can take on whatever is preying on the people of Moonlight...


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