ANNOUNCEMENT: New Series / Pen Name

Hey, all! So, way back in my early days of writing I wrote a little novella called Guardian Cowboy for The Wild Rose Press's Wayback, Texas series. It was a fun series set in the fictional town of Wayback and several very talented authors contributed to it.

I had so much fun doing that I decided to create my own little fictional town called Cook County (after David Cook, of course. I love me some David Cook). Well, these were all novellas because novellas were big in the early days of e-books.

Now that e-books have went above and beyond catching on bigger is better. I love these stories and definitely had plans to revisit Cook County and tell more stories, but my paranormal romance took off and try as I might, I could never really get the cross-over because you say "Crystal-Rain Love" and vampires and shifters spring to mind.

Also, my paranormal readers expect longer books. I totally get it.

SO... Guess what!

I have acquired my rights back on these stories and I will be re-releasing them in 2022 as part of my new and improved Cook County series. (And this is NOTHING AGAINT THE WILD ROSE PRESS. I freakin' LOVE them!)

I just really love the control of self-publishing and I have a vision for this series that requires me to be in charge.

Guardian Cowboy will be edited so all traces of Wayback are removed. The story will be lengthened and reset in Cook County.

Second Chance Cowboy and Lucky In Love will also get a do-over , lengthened and rereleased.

All three will receive new cover art and they will be released under the name... SHYLYN RAY.

That's right, rather than trying to market small town / western romance under the same name known for paranormal romance, I will be writing all contemporaries under the name Shylyn Ray from now on.

Look for these three in 2022 to kick things off.

In the meantime, if you'd like to follow me at the brand spanking new Shyln Ray Facebook page, just click right HERE.

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