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2022 Cover Reveals and Preorders!

Seta's main story is finally on it's way just in time for the 2022 Halloween season! See what happened between the deadly vampire-witch hybrid and her sire, Eron, and if they make it to a happily ever after together while they fight to protect Seta's granddaughter and the fate of the world. PREORDER now to get it at a discounted $2.99 before the book goes to its full $4.99 price on release day. (Amazon link live now. Still updating to other retailer sites. This is a WIDE-published book, available on multiple ebook retailers.) OH! FYI: Rider's in this one.

Danni and the gang will be returning during the 2022 holiday season to spread some Christmas cheer... er... well, it might get bloody.

Yes, I know. These are LATE 2022 releases, but guys, I need time to write them well and I'm relaunching my contemporary romances under the new Shylyn Ray pen name as well... AND... I'm hoping to launch one or two NEW paranormal series which if I can pull off this much writing will probably be released prior to these so hang in there, wish me well, and LET'S DO THIS!

Now I really must seclude myself in the writing cave. Time to create the magic!


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