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More TWICE BITTEN Books Coming!

Wondering what decision Danni made at the end of Suck It, Sister?

You won't have to wait that long. I've already got the next two covers for the next two Twice Bitten books, and let me tell you... Manuela Serra did her thang on this cover art! They are gorgeous! I'm so excited to share them, BUT I'm going to wait until we get closer to the release.

In the meantime, you can figure out the choice Danni made BEFORE the release of Twice Bitten #4 by checking out Vampire's Halo (Blood Revelation #5) because Danni and a ton of other Twice Bitten characters are in it!!!

That's right! Vampire's Halo takes place after Suck It, Sister, and prior to Twice Bitten #4 , and it is going through editing right now! Expect it no later than June. :)

Before that, here's a little sneak peek at the next two Twice Bitten novels:

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