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Samantha Moon is Back! :)

I am excited to announce I have been invited to play in the world of Samantha Moon again. My first story, Twisted Sister, has been rereleased and I plan on getting two more out this year (after Vampire's Halo, which will be out very soon).

If you are unfamiliar with Samantha Moon, she is the awesome kick-ass vampire character created by the awesome J.R. Rain, one of my favorite authors. I admit I checked his stuff out due to his name, but I stuck around for the TALENT. If you haven't tried his Vampire For Hire series yet, do yourself the favor of diving in. Samantha is a wonderful character, and I'm happy to have some fun with her again.

If you didn't grab Twisted Sister its first time around, grab a copy now (this one has a way better cover. Look at it. It's GORGEOUS!)

Happy Reading!

First in the brand-new "Samantha Moon, Guardian Vampire" mystery series! Set in J.R. Rain's "Vampire for Hire" world! In the nine years since she was attacked and turned into a vampire, Samantha Moon has come across a lot of supernatural villains. However, nothing has prepared her for the villain who chose to steal her daughter's psyche or the dark family secrets that will be revealed as she races to save her child. Will the aid of a new ally be enough to help Samantha win the most important battle of her life and repair the damage done to her family?

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