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Blood Revelation ... More To Come :)

Siren's Snare was released in 2013, and was actually written around 2010 or 2011, maybe even before then. I can't quite recall, but it was quite a while back. This year, I will finally be finishing and releasing Vampire's Halo, the 5th book in my beloved Blood Revelation series.

This was the first series I sold to a publisher, and Blood Curse was the third book I ever wrote. It was also my first ever attempt at a paranormal romance. Linda Kichline of Imajinn Books offered me an 8-book contract before she'd made it halfway through the Passion Be Damned manuscript. Yup, that was the sucky title I originally slapped on Rialto and Aria's story. Linda loved the book, but the title had to change so I came up with Blood Curse.

This series is... magical. I've written other books, other series, and it felt like I wrote those. With this series, it doesn't feel like I wrote any of it. It's hard to explain how this series came to be. The best way I can think to describe it is to say it's a possession.

The characters tell me the story and I write it. Seriously. Every book in this series has worked that way. In order to prepare to finish Vampire's Halo I just spent the past three days rereading books 1-4. It was like reading someone else's books, especially Blood Curse. There are whole sections I don't even remember writing. There are words I never use, and the love scenes... I don't know how they happened. I hate love scenes. I never know what to write, but the ones in this series just flowed. Again, I used words and descriptions I never use. Because I wasn't writing the books. The characters were. I just did my best to keep up as I typed.

And now I'm going back in to do it again. I have no idea what's going to happen. I know the basics of where it's all leading and how things will end, but the journey there will be as much of a surprise for me as it is for you. I don't run this show.

For example:

Blood Curse was never supposed to be the start of a series.

Marilee was supposed to just be a throwaway minor character in the second book.

I didn't know what Christian was until Siren's Snare.

Book 4 was supposed to be Christian or Seta's story, but it became Marilee's. Marilee. The girl who was just a throwaway character.

The whole idea for Siren's Snare came about when every single time I sat down and tried to write what was supposed to be Seta or Christian's story I would see Marilee standing in a white room, arms folded, tapping her foot. She was mad because it was her story I was supposed to write, but I didn't know what that story was. I saw a man standing with her, his back to me. I knew he was supposed to be with her but I didn't have a clue who or what he was. I needed to know his name. While working in a call center, a customer's name came up on my screen. The last name was Khiderian. As soon as I read the name everything around me faded away. I only saw Marilee and the mystery man in their white room. I thought "His name is Khiderian" and the man turned around and told me "About time" and I knew who he was and their story was revealed. I blinked and found my coworker looking at me oddly because I had totally spaced out. She asked what had just happened and I told her "You wouldn't believe me."

Sound crazy? Of course it does. It's nuts. LOL. But it's the truth. I love all my characters, but the Blood Revelation characters are real in a way no others are. They tell their own stories and they've been quiet too long.

I'm going to nudge Christian until he tells us who he is and how he came to be, and what his happily ever after is going to be, and believe me ... I'm as excited to find out as any other reader, because he's telling the story. I'm just typing it.

I can't wait to learn new details about these characters who never cease to surprise me. :)

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