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Rest In Peace, Zoe

It's been a rough week.

Our beloved Zoe passed away at home early in the morning on November 25th. Zoe was the toughest dog I've ever known. She was my children's first dog and she was a FIERCE protector of family and home.

She had medical issues, but soldiered through. This girl was a TANK. We always joked that she would outlive us all, and she did her best to prove us right. She made it to 14.5 years, which is a long life for a lab-shepherd mix.

She never licked anyone like most dogs do and refused to play with toys. From her attitude and way she carried herself, I truly believe she was a cat in another life. She had her mean moments and bit all of us at one time or another, out of annoyance (when she didn't want to be bothered, she let you know- LOL) but that was just her way. We loved her anyway.

She was the gassiest dog in history, and had skin issues that no regular bathing could keep up with, and I miss her stinky butt so much already.

We love you Zoe, and hope you are happy, running without trouble and free from the lifelong itchiness and lumps that you had to deal with.


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