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LSAYD Is One Of 15 FREE Novels In This Set!

I'm one of the authors included in this boxed set of 15 FREE PARANORMAL ROMANCE NOVELS! If you haven't read Life Sucks After You Die yet, grab it in this set. If you have read it, still grab this set! There's 14 other novels inside! Grab yours today!!!!

Sometimes the sweetest kiss is the most terrible curse. Enter realms of darkness and journey among the stars with unlikely heroes and iron-willed heroines in this limited edition collection of paranormal and sci-fi romances. Inside these pages, you’ll fall in love with supernatural beasts on earth and swoon for adventurous interstellar travelers. Unearth the truth between betrayals and lies as kingdoms clash, ships soar among the heavens, and cursed creatures battle danger in the dark. The greatest evil must be defeated, and the purest souls kept innocent when the universe is in mayhem. Fans of Ursula K. Le Guin, L.J. Smith, and J.R. Ward will devour these fifteen exciting tales of love and war, where looks can be deceiving, not everyone is human, and cross-breed relationships could mean death… Scroll up and 1-click NOW to discover if the next kiss is cursed!

Featuring stories by USA Today bestselling author Candace Sams Basia Pike Lianne Willowmoon and Paige Clendenin USA Today bestselling author Crystal Ash USA Today bestselling author Kassandra Lynn USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins Anna Edwards Adom Sample Ashlee Nicole Bye Crystal-Rain Love LeeSha McCoy Moni Boyce T.M. Caruana Donya Lynne USA Today bestselling author D.A. Stein Jolie Banner

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