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Try A FREE Moonlit Audiobook!

Get a promo code to download a FREE copy of a Moonlit audiobook from Audible while supplies last.

Simply use the request button below and receive a code back via email.PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU NEED A US CODE OR A UK CODE!!! (Your email address will not be used for any other purpose. If you want to sign up for the Crystal-Rain Love newsletter you must do this separately.)

1. You will receive a code for one Moonlit book. To make the process smooth, the codes will be given at random, but no worries - each Moonlit novella is written so that they can stand alone. It doesn't matter whether you start with the first or the third. :)

2. Please redeem your code promptly. I am able to offer these codes for free because Audible gives authors the codes for this purpose, but we can only request 25 codes at a time and can not request another set until at least 10 of those codes have been redeemed. Delaying redemption can delay other listeners getting their codes.

3. No Purchase Necessary. Open to anyone 18 or older. By requesting the code you are stating you are 18 or older. Audible codes are US or UK. You must be able to access Audible in one of these regions to be able to redeem the codes.

4. Reviews are not mandatory, but if you enjoy the audiobook please consider leaving a short review. Reviews are a tremendous help to the indie author community and are greatly appreciated.

5. If you would like to sign up for the Crystal-Rain Love newsletter that can be done here: SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER. This is NOT a requirement to get a code.

Request US Code

Request UK Code

*If the above links do not work with your email, please send email to RAIN@CRYSTALRAINLOVE.COM and state: "Please send Moonlit audiobook code" and specify "US" or "UK".

About the MOONLIT series:

The Moonlit series is a multicultural, interracial paranormal romance series with varying degrees of heat, from mild to extra spicy. Recommended for ages 18 and up. The three stories included in the Audiobook giveaway are novella length. Longer Moonlit books are available in ebook and print and more info on those as well as other books in my catalog can be found on the "BOOKS" page of this site.

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