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I've been a J.R. Rain fan for a while so when his Vampire for Hire series was added to Kindle Worlds I knew I had to play in his sandbox! Kindle Worlds is like legal, authorized fanfiction for select worlds, and is only available on Amazon. I did not create the majority of characters in Twisted Sister but I was able to create a story involving them thanks to this program.

I tried to make sure I wrote a story that anyone could follow, whether they've read J.R. Rain's books or not, but I strongly encourage you to read his books anyway! He has a lot of great stories, especially Winter Wind. I can't quit singing his praises on that one.

Twisted Sister released just a little while ago. Go grab a copy and let me know if you like it. I already have some ideas for some more fun with Samantha Moon so there may be a new release in this world next year... :)

In the nine years since she was attacked and turned into a vampire, Samantha Moon has come across a lot of supernatural villains. Nothing prepared her for the villain who chose to steal her daughter's psyche or the dark family secrets that will be revealed as she races to save her child. Will the aid of a new ally be enough to help Samantha win the most important battle of her life and repair the damage done to her family?

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