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12 Months . 12 Books?

Maybe I've lost my mind, but I'm trying out something very lofty.

I want to wake up when I want to, make my own schedule, and fully support myself off of writing. The working for others thing isn't working out for me. I can't take it much longer, and there are so many authors doing what they love and actually paying their bills doing it. Why can't I?

I realize more books written and released means more income and that could give me the fulltime author life I desperately crave. So...

I'm going to try to write & release 12 books in 2022.

Like I said, I've probably lost my mind but whatever, I'm going to try. Besides, I have so much premade cover art I need to write books for. I wrote Merry Fangin' Christmas in 29 days from start to finish without an outline, so writing a big-ass book in a month is doable. I'm actualy jumpstarting this off by adding to and re-releasing the Cook County books I got my rights back on so that's three right off the top (I'm aiming to finish up SCC this weekend and I only have LIL left to do the rest of this month, so nice headstart!)

Anyway, I'll be using the NANOWRIMO site this year to keep track of my projects. If you'd like to follow along and see what I'm working on and how it's progressing throughout the year, you can check out my profile over there:

Oh! And as far as updates, the Love Potion #666 audiobook will most likely be the next release under this name. The Cook County relaunch will be the first books with releases in March, April, and May, but those will be released under the Shylyn Ray pen name.

Immortal Rage (Blood Rev #6) is due out in October with the next Twice Bitten book up for preorder for a November release.

I'm going to try to release 2-3 new series starters this year since I have such a lofty writing goal. I'll share more on those as I get to them! ;)


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