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Seta's Fall is DONE!

I am very happy to announce I finished writing Seta's Fall today. I was determined to get it done no matter what so I sat myself down at the computer shortly after I woke up and did not get up until the final three chapters were complete.

I had planned this to be a novella of no more than 20,000 words. It ended up coming in at a little over 35,000 and took a turn I never expected.

As always with this particular series, the characters tend to tell me the story and I learn new things about them with every book I write in it.

The manuscript has been sent to my beta reader and once I get it back and fix any issues it will be uploaded. Once that happens, everyone who joined my newsletter during or prior to the promotion I ran toward the end of last year will be receiving their code for a free copy.

Everyone else, keep checking right here or on Facebook/Twitter for the release announcement ... and sign up for my newsletter so you can be privy to special giveaways and stuff too! ;)

Up Next ...

I'll be jumping back into the zombie apocalypse world to finish FrostBITTEN!

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