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Suck It, Sister! is up for Preorder!

SUCK IT, SISTER! is now available for preorder on Amazon!

Sure, my sister's spoiled rotten and self-centered, but I couldn't let her die after she stumbled into an ambush meant for me and my hunky sire. To save her, we had to turn her. And by "we" I mean Rider... and he's not too happy about it. Our relationship is strained, My succubus side is acting up, Daniel's looking at me kind of funny. My sister is turning out to be a major problem, Selander Ryan's out there somewhere, Rider's gorgeous and powerful old friend just pops into his room whenever she feels like it, I've become Nannette's lab rat, I think I kind of adopted a teenager... and I still can't even have a freaking cupcake!

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