November 28, 2019

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January 15, 2019

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2018 Release Update

May 29, 2018

My goal for 2018 was to write and release 6-8 new works. However, many of those were going to be Kindle Worlds novellas and sadly, KW is going bye bye as of next month, or July. I forget which and I'm too lazy to look it up. Or busy.I'll say busy. It sounds better. 


I am busy, actually. After moping around for the better part of the month, mostly because I'd planned on this being the month I worked on my 2nd Samantha Moon novella and well, can't do that. My next bullet on my writing plan was to write a novella for Magic & Mayhem. Can't do that either.  I have my own worlds though and I had a To Be Written list long before KW was a thing so I started work on Vampire Girl Problems a couple days ago. VGP is the 2nd book in the Twice Bitten series. I'd had it planned for next year but Danni and Rider wouldn't leave me alone. I love these two. They make me laugh so much and have a way of sticking with me long after I've walked away from the keyboard. 


Am I going to still complete 6-8 new works this year? Highly doubtful. With KW gone, I have no novellas in mind. I have some cover art I'd purchased for KW novellas that I now need to figure out just what to do with. Fortunately titles can be changed so if I can figure out new stories for those covers they won't be a waste. I have a ton of cover art for stuff on my TBW list so I'm just going in there and tackling whatever speaks to me the loudest. Right now, Danni Keller is demanding my attention. She's a needy little thing but I love her, and writing Rider isn't a hardship at all. :)


So far for 2018 I have released:


Zombiewood (Zombiewood #1) 

Life Sucks After You Die  (Twice Bitten #1) 


 And as of right now what I know for sure I will have done before 2018 is over:


Vampire Girl Problems (Twice Bitten #2) 

Divided We Rot (ONUZ#3)   OR     Zombiewood #2 



4 full length novels isn't bad for someone who still works full time, does overtime when needed, has 3 kids and homeschools one of those so...  I'm not going to consider the year a failure.  


If I can squeeze in more, of course I will do that, but for now these are what I can confidently say I will have done. Anything else will be a bonus. :) 



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